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    Our Guarantee and Return Policy is very simply.  If at any time, your Gabby Maria Socks do not make you smile when you put them on, you may return them for an item of equal value. There is no expiration date on this Guarantee/Return Policy.

    Gabby Maria Socks are usually given as gifts to friends, loved ones and family members as expressions of love, to show appreciation, to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, to express gratitude for friendships, to give recognition or just to say, “Thank you.”

    An example of a legitimate return would be the case of the husband who received a pair of Gabby Maria Firefighter Socks from his spouse, but after she divorced him, the socks no longer made him smile.  He returned them for a pair of Gabby Maria Men’s Wine Scene Crew Socks to celebrate life with his new wife.

    In real time, how does the Return Policy work?

    You will be responsible for the return postage on your package. After the package arrives at our facility, you will be issued a code to use at the time of checkout that signifies “No charge” for the new item being purchased. You will still be responsible for postage and any taxes that may apply with this new purchase.

    The code applies only to one new purchased item that replaces the socks being returned. If you are purchasing multiple items, please make a separate purchase/shopping cart for these additional items.


    To return your Gabby Maria Socks that no longer make you smile, mail them to Gabby Maria Socks, 2566 E. Yermo Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah 84109